NSBEHacks is the first university student-run black hackathon in the GTA. It is a 24-hour fun-filled hackathon hosted by the National Society of Black Engineers UofT Chapter. To find out more about NSBE UofT chapter and the awesome things we do, click here!


an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming in order to create a unique technical project


We believe in equaling the footing for black students within Canada by placing them in a comfortable environment where they’re allowed to be creative and innovative, and also affording them opportunities for personal and career development through the help of our trusted partners, workshops and mentors.

Build Your Network

NSBEHacks UofT provides it participants a wide range of networking opportunities. At the event, you’d be surrounded by fellow hackers with diverse backgrounds, and our awesome sponsors will also be there with mentors who are always willing to help and provide you with any information you need! We encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities!  

Take a look at how NSBEHacks 2019 went here!