FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

General NSBEHacks Info

What is the format and/or platform for the this event?

The NSBEHacks 2021 hackathon will be run virtually on Discord and Zoom.

How long is the hackathon?

The hackathon will start with an opening ceremony at 10am on the Saturday and run until 5pm on the Sunday. Dates are to be decided. The design process will be run for 24 hours followed by presentations and judging.

What is the target market for this hackathon?

The participants for this hackathon would primarily be those in STEM professional fields including applied engineering, research, programming, consulting etc.

Where can I find information on the workshop and challenges to be held in this hackathon?

Information on the logistics of the event will be posted on the NSBEHacks website prior to the event.

From where can I get information on the attendees that are coming to this event?

Information such as participant emails, resumes and portfolios can be shared with corporate sponsors after the event. Certain packages would allow for interaction throughout the event at workshops, challenges or booths.

Until when and what can I send the Merchandise and Promotions team material for the hackpack/event bag and sponsored prizes?

Material will be accepted until 7 days prior to this event. If this is not possible, please notify us at  hello@nsbehacksuoft.ca

How many Marketing/Promotional videos can I provide?

A single sponsor can provide 2 promotional videos to be run during the event.

Do I need to register for the hackathon as a sponsor? 

There is no need to register for the event as a sponsor. Zoom and Discord details will be shared with you prior to the event

Info on Booths/Workshops/Challenges

Do we need to pay to hold a workshop or challenges at this event?

One would be required to pay to hold a workshop or challenges. The Diamond Package would give the ability and platform to hold workshops or challenges. Please review Sponsorship Package here (insert link to sponsorship package)

How will I set up my virtual booth?

The virtual booth will be set up and shared with you prior to the event.

How long will my virtual booth be available to attendees?

Virtual booths will be running 2 hours and 30 minutes after the opening ceremony on Saturday and will be up for 1 hour on Sunday.

What do I need to do if I want to cancel my event?

Please contact hello@nsbehacksuoft.ca at least 7 days before the event if you wish to cancel your event

Would it be possible to have more than one representative or swap representatives during this event? Do they need to register beforehand?

It is possible to have more than one representative and swap at the event. Please notify us of how many representatives and their respective contact information at hello@nsbehacksuoft.ca beforehand

Sponsorship Details

Why become a sponsor?

NSBEHacks will promote your organization to future professionals with diverse life experiences and technical backgrounds from Canada’s top universities. It will also expand your organization’s reach, allowing you to test and share new products and services with the brightest minds in STEM.

I have ideas about a unique sponsorship package/option that is not listed in the Sponsorship Package. Who can I speak to?

Please contact hello@nsbehacksuoft.ca about any suggestions you may have.

We would like to sponsor a prize. What prize should we provide?

As this will be a virtual event, virtual prizes are preferred such as gift cards and subscriptions. However, physical prizes are also welcomed. For more information, please contact hello@nsbehacksuoft.ca for more if you wish to sponsor a prize.

Are there any discounts for the hackathon?

Diamond sponsors of the NSBE University of Toronto Chapter receive a 30% discount to all club events and Gold sponsors receive a 15% discount.

Do sponsors get direct access to participants? As a sponsor, can I attend challenges or sessions away from my booth?

Sponsors with the Gold and Diamond packages have direct access to participants through booths at the event. Access is also through workshops and challenges to be held throughout the weekend.

Which companies are associated with this event or are previous sponsors & current sponsors?

Our current corporate sponsors are Intel, IBM and Arup. NSBEHacks has previously been associated with and sponsored by companies such as Bloomberg, Shopify, Google and FDM.