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Corporate Sponsors

Joining NSBEHacks as a corporate sponsor affords you full access into our hackathon. You are able to host a booth in our career fair segment, host your own competition or workshop, get direct access to the resumes or attendees and have representatives from your company on our judging panels. Have your company recognized as a driver and supporter in the black youth tech community today!

Institutional Sponsors

Joining NSBEHacks as an institutional sponsor gives you and your organization a chance to be involved in the executing of the hackathon. Here, we ask that you provide volunteers, mentors as well as contribute ideas and help with promotions. As an institutional partner you are guaranteed 5 spaces on our participant list. Contact us to find out more!


Sponsorship Packages

NSBEHacks offers a variety of packages that allow you different levels of access to our hackathon. Each level provides you with more ways to directly engage with participants for job recruitment or even promoting company software and products. Click here for full sponsorship package document and join us on this mission to increase the number of black tech professionals in industry!



​Host your own workshop AND challenge  Opening & Closing Keynote  Additional feature on judging panel  + All Diamond Package Benefits



Access to Hackers Resume


30 sec Highlight at Opening Ceremony

+ All Silver Package Benefits



Host your own workshop OR challenge

Feature on Judging Panel

Promo ads running all weekend

+ All Gold Package Benefits



Host your own workshop AND challenge

Opening & Closing Keynote

Additional feature on judging panel

+ All Diamond Package Benefits



​Host your own workshop OR challenge  Feature on Judging Panel  Promo ads running all weekend  + All Gold Package Benefits




Access to Hackers Emails

Logo Feature on Website

Social Media Promo

Feature in HackPack



NSBEHacks will promote your organization to future professionals with diverse life experiences and technical backgrounds from Canada’s top universities. It will also expand your organization’s reach, allowing you to test and share new products and services with the brightest minds in STEM.

Why become a sponsor?


Become a NSBE Hacks 2023 Sponsor!

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